Is CU Digital new in the web development market?

Yes and No, CU Digital is the evolution and digital arm of Creative Unit. Creative Unit has been trading for over 13 years in the branding and marketing space, and due to the high demand in digital projects in the past 10 years, we have created CU Digital (CU = Creative Unit), a new brand that better represents what we do. Read more about it here.

What types of Clients do you service?

We service all types of clients from New Start Ups to 100+ year old Industry Bodies.. from Sole Traders to Private Companies. We have hands on experience in various industries including Retail, Health & Beauty, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Building & Construction, Training Institutes, Telcos, Heating and Cooling, Fitness, Trades and Wholesalers. Over 130 Clients trust us with their Online Presence!

What types of CMS do you use?

We use all types of CMS ( Content Management System ), it really depends on the purpose and size of the project, budgets and client’s available in-house resources. We can use WordPress, Magento or even custom code in Laravel to name a few.

Once my website is completed, do you provide ongoing support services?

Yes, all CU Digital clients receive ongoing support with issues they may have, we are only a phone call or email away.
We also have extra support packages that involve periodic manual labour and these can be charged monthly or yearly, one of the services for example is “Website Maintenance” where we keep your website up to date with all the plugins and security patches. These services are discussed during briefing.

Why should we use CU Digital?

There are a few reasons to consider CU Digital.


1) Our developers are based in Melbourne. Many companies now-days farm their work out to overseas developers to save cost. We hear horror stories of developers locking out clients or disappearing mid way into a project. Having local developers means your project is protected by Australian trading laws and you are also helping our economy.


2) We are your one stop shop. One point of contact for your business’ brand, website, marketing, domain, hosting.


3) Well priced. Our business structure with low overheads and hands on director means we are very competitive with pricing.


4) Direct contact with the director. David Romero is the director of CU Digital and you will have direct access with the decision maker of the business. You will not be dealing with Juniors or be told “I have to ask my manager and I will get back to you”